Diplomat Long Term incl USA

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Plan TypeComprehensive benefits plan
EligibilityFor visitors traveling outside home country (U.S.A. included)
BenefitsAfter deductible, Plan pays 80% of $5,000 and then 100% to policy maximum
Cancelability & RenewabilityCancelable and Not Renewable
Pre-Existing CoverageNone
International TravelCoverage is provided outside of home country including during travel
Per Period or Per IncidentDeductible and Policy Maximum are per coverage period per person
Purchase With inNone
Coverage Length & Age EligibilityCoverage is available from 3 months to 36 months for ages 14 days to 100 years
PPO NetworkNo PPO Network
Restricted StatesNone
Administrator & UnderwriterAdministrator: Global Underwriters
Underwriter: US Fire Insurance Company
NotesMonthly pricing only
Other Benefits•Accidental Death and Dismemberment
•Coma Benefit
•Emergency Dental Treatment (Palliative)
•Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
•Emergency Medical Reunion
•Felonious Assault Benefit
•Home Alteration and Vehicle Modification
•Interruption of Trip
•Loss of Baggage
•Paralysis Benefit
•Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation
•Return of Minor Child(ren)
•Return of Mortal Remains
•Seat Belt and Airbag Benefit
Optional Riders•Athletic, Sports, and Hazardous Activity
•Enhanced AD&D
•Enhanced Political & Natural Disaster
•Home Country Coverage Rider
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