Liaison Continent F

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Plan TypeComprehensive benefits plan
EligibilityFor visitors traveling outside home country (U.S.A. excluded)
BenefitsAfter deductible, Plan pays 80% to policy maximum
Cancelability & RenewabilityCancelable and Renewable
Pre-Existing CoverageUp to $25,000 per policy period as waiver of pre-existing conditions for U.S. citizens age under 70 traveling outside the U.S.A. & Canada (age 70 & above, up to $5,000)
International TravelCoverage is provided outside of home country including during travel
Per Period or Per IncidentDeductible and Policy Maximum are per policy period per person
Purchase With inNone
Coverage Length & Age EligibilityCoverage is available from 5 days to 187 days for ages 14 days to 100 years
PPO NetworkMulti Plan PPO Network
Restricted StatesNot available if home residence in Maryland(MD) & Washington(WA)
Administrator & UnderwriterAdministrator: Seven Corners
Underwriter: Lloyd’s of London & Tramont Insurance Company
NotesUnderwriter is Lloyd's of London if home residence is U.S.A.
Other Benefits•Accidental Death & Dismemberment
•Common Carrier Accidental Death
•Dental Emergency
•Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation
•Emergency Reunion
•Interruption of Trip
•Local Ambulance Expense
•Loss of Checked Luggage
•Natural Disaster
•Return of Mortal Remains
Optional Riders•Hazardous Sport Coverage
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