Visitors Care

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Plan TypeLow cost, Limited (Fixed) benefits plan
EligibilityFor non-U.S. citizens traveling outside home country (U.S.A. included)
BenefitsFixed benefit limits increase with Policy Maximum
Cancelability & RenewabilityCancelable and Renewable
Pre-Existing CoverageNone
International TravelCoverage is provided outside of home country including during travel
Per Period or Per IncidentDeductible is per period of coverage and Policy Maximum is per life of plan
Purchase With inMust be purchased and effective with in 30 days of arrival to USA if age above 65
Coverage Length & Age EligibilityCoverage is available from 5 days to 24 months for ages 14 days to 100 years
PPO NetworkNo PPO Network
Restricted StatesNot available if mailing address is in Maryland(MD)
Administrator & UnderwriterAdministrator: International Medical Group (IMG)
Underwriter: Sirius International
Other Benefits•Common Carrier Accidental Death & Dismemberment
•Dental for Accident to Sound Natural Teeth
•Emergency Evacuation
•Extended Care Facility
•Local Ambulance
•Physical Therapy
•Return of Mortal Remains or Cremation/Burial
Optional Riders
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