Why Us?

We really want to enjoy our precious time with our parents and relatives visiting us and not constantly worry about how to take care of them if they get sick or injured. Insurance is the necessary evil for giving peace of mind and mitigating financial risk in case of unfortunate injury/illness.

We have listed below many ways we strive to be "awesome" in serving your visitors insurance needs. Our ultimate goal in everything we do is "customer happiness".

All Plans

We list all genuine plans even if we are insurance agent for those plans or not. Our goal is to be one stop destination for visitors insurance. Notify us if we are missing a genuine plan, we will add it.

Easy Comparison

As you might have noticed, we have built best comparison platform in the industry. We will not stop here and will be improving it further with your valuable feedback. Our goal is to make you easily find most suitable plan for your needs and also, make sure you understand all important details about the plan before you purchase.

Visitors Insurance Experts

We understand visitors insurance in and out. We have put our knowledge in to the comparison platform and website content. You will find important insights about visitors insurance through out the website.

Consumer Advocates

It is simple and straight forward. We put customers first in everything we do. Many suggestions we provide and many plans we list may not get us commissions but we are sure they will get us "happy customers".

Excellent customer service

Your are just a phone call (+1 (518) 3BE-SAFE) or email (info@besafeinsurance.com) away from excellent customer service. Our goal is to understand your needs and find most suitable plan. Answer all your questions and guide you with filing claim. Be there on your side to serve you every step of the way.

24/7 Emergency support

We will be phone call (+1 (518) 3BE-SAFE) away to assist you 24/7 in case of emergency. If it is emergency situation for you, it is for us too. We really mean it. We will be there to guide you through the process.

Purchasing from insurance agent is always better than purchasing from insurance company directly

As each plan will have same price irrespective of where you purchase, it is always better to purchase from knowledgeable insurance agent with excellent customer service(hint: us ) than from insurance company directly. We will be there on your side(always) to guide you use insurance effectively and help you through claim process. Also, since insurance company will be paying your claims, they may not be incentivized to help you with the process. Some of the insurance companies like "International Medical Group" will assign insurance agent randomly even if you try to purchase insurance directly from them.